Check out my profile on Alice Bag for LA Weekly’s People Issue 2012, out today!

Photo: Kevin Scanlon

Never in my life would I have imagined the day where I wrote a 500 word profile on someone that I grew up listening to. A couple of years ago, I only knew Alice Bag through my brother’s milk crates filled with vinyl compilations where she was featured in, in particular Dangerhouse, Vol. 1., played over and over, and over again.

It is now with great honor that I present to all of you, my profile of her for this year’s LA Weekly People Issue!

Alice Bag: She Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk.

I would like to thank Nancy Marie Arteaga and Lalo Alcaraz for having me as a semi-regular guest on KPFK’s Pocho Hour of Power and making our friendship possible!

My review of Astrid Hadad and Hoppo’s Dia de Los Muertos show at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on LA Weekly Music

This last Saturday I checked out the Dia de Los Muertos celebration that takes place atop Hollywood Forever cemetery every year. The headliners were Astrid Hadad and Hoppo (singer of Cafe Tacvba’s newish side project). My verdict?

Well…read my review on LA Weekly Music and pay especially close attention to my “Critical bias” confession at the end of the piece!

Click on any of the text underneath to read the whole thing on LA Weekly Music!)

Astrid Hadad
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Better than…Halloween!

Traffic along Santa Monica Boulevard was a hell of a lot more congested than usual on Saturday afternoon, as Hollywood Forever Cemetery hosted the 12th annual Dia de Los Muertos festival. The traditional Mexican holiday honoring dead loved ones gaining on the other American holidays, in terms of popularity. Angelenos and foreign tourists showed up by the thousands to the unique theme-park-like event taking place atop an, of course, actual cemetery.

This year’s headliners included Rubén Albarrán — the notorious singer for famed Mexico City rock en Español band, Café Tacvba — with his newish spiritual slanted side project, Hoppo. Also on the bill was Astrid Hadad, a Mexican performance artist known by millions for her eccentric and progressive sound.

This cemetery party was mad crackin’ yo. There must have been more than three thousand inside, easily. Altars to popular dead artists were set up along…

The Vibrators and Circle One Live at The Airliner Tonight!

For the vintage UK ’77 punk rock lovers out there, The Vibrators are playing tonight at The Airliner in Highland Park!
And for the not so vintage punk rock lovers but California Hardcore lovers of punk, Circle One will be there opening up!

That’s right, the creators of “Baby, Baby, Baby”, the punk rock love anthem basically, are gonna be performing it live tonight. A pretty random match up, right? Sweet nonetheless.

The best part? The Vibrators are breaking the recent trend of punk bands playing at mainstream venues through Ticketmaster, meaning, it is only $10 to get in tonight! Cheers to keeping it punk!

I will be “working” tonight and covering the show for LA Weekly so see you guys there!

Here are a couple of singles from them both.