Check out my profile on Alice Bag for LA Weekly’s People Issue 2012, out today!

Photo: Kevin Scanlon

Never in my life would I have imagined the day where I wrote a 500 word profile on someone that I grew up listening to. A couple of years ago, I only knew Alice Bag through my brother’s milk crates filled with vinyl compilations where she was featured in, in particular Dangerhouse, Vol. 1., played over and over, and over again.

It is now with great honor that I present to all of you, my profile of her for this year’s LA Weekly People Issue!

Alice Bag: She Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk.

I would like to thank Nancy Marie Arteaga and Lalo Alcaraz for having me as a semi-regular guest on KPFK’s Pocho Hour of Power and making our friendship possible!

The Glutster on “Anarchy in East L.A.” Live Today on KPFK’s The Pocho Hour of Power (4-5 PM)

I will be talking about my “Anarchy in East L.A.” article I wrote for LA Weekly live today on KPFK’s The Pocho Hour of Power.

Apparently, a lot of people really dug it, so cheers to that!

Don’t worry, I won’t do a dramatic recital of it with the dramatic sound effects in the background or anything worthy of beatnik finger snaps but he show is recorded live so this should be interesting. I have no idea what I will be talking about yet. But if you’re down, tune in to laugh at my stumbled words at least! For sure I will be talking about many of the bands that didn’t make the cut, or maybe even some sound clips from my old band Bad Influence? Let’s see what happens, can it be even more raw than what I wrote? Ohh, fuck yes!

I received word that freaking Alice Bag of the legendary L.A. punk band The Bags will also be on the same show so I will try not to be a giddy little fan girl on air.

Listen in live at around 4:20 PM (I didn’t choose that time slot, I swear!!!) wherever you are! If not, just catch the show whenever you can on their archives.

Lates and fuck you stay punk!

Listening To The Smooooth Sounds of The Glutster This Saturday On KCRW’s Good Food!

evan n me nom nom
Evan and Me Nom, Nom’in: Tofu and BBQ Pork Banh Mi’s

Saturday Saturday Saturday!

Tune in to KCRW’s Good Food (89.9 FM local L.A station) at exactly 11:28 AM to listen to Evan and I discussing contemporary food truck culture in Los Angeles.

I answer questions like how these new generation trucks have served as a gateway to otherwise squeamish West Siders, finally opening up to having a real taco at O.G Taco trucks. One step closer to erasing the ill witted term of calling them “Roach Coaches”!

Plus, I also reveal what my food truck would be like if there were ever such a thing!

The Glutster Truck?