A Glutster double header Thursday: Health food in East L.A. for Zocalo Public Square and The Bouncing Souls for LA Weekly Music

(top image from wearyourimage.com)

I woke up yesterday to find a couple of my stories published for two different publications.

East L.A.health food city

One was a painstaking thousand worder on the up and coming East LA health food consciousness for Zocalo Public Square. It took a couple of weeks to research and finish, who knows how many homework-eating hours…

bouncing souls header

The other was a five hundred word quickie punk rock show review on The Bouncing Souls show for LA Weekly. Show reviews usually require me to stay up ’til 4:30 AM to finish, the latest has been 6:30 AM (deadline for show reviews are 8 AM the same day for most daily entertainment blogs). I had class at 11:30 AM the next morning.

This was the first time two of my stories were published on the same day — it was kind of a trip. To see the type of stuff I am writing now and the sheer amount of time I dedicate to them (regardless of the often insubstantial pay) and how it is so different than the simple stuff I started out with almost six years ago when I was sixteen.

It has made me realize that if I really do want to make it in this career and finish school anytime soon, I’m going to have to let go of my love for sleep and many coming of aging memory milestones usually associated with mindless youth (aka. getting too stoned/drunk, acting gay with the homiez, etc.) I already don’t sleep enough and don’t catch as many gay bluff’s with as I once did so it’s not that bad.

Like Henry Rollins, a dear role model and now fellow LA Weekly Music writer colleague said in his column, “sleep is the cousin of death.”