My review of Astrid Hadad and Hoppo’s Dia de Los Muertos show at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on LA Weekly Music

This last Saturday I checked out the Dia de Los Muertos celebration that takes place atop Hollywood Forever cemetery every year. The headliners were Astrid Hadad and Hoppo (singer of Cafe Tacvba’s newish side project). My verdict?

Well…read my review on LA Weekly Music and pay especially close attention to my “Critical bias” confession at the end of the piece!

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Astrid Hadad
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Better than…Halloween!

Traffic along Santa Monica Boulevard was a hell of a lot more congested than usual on Saturday afternoon, as Hollywood Forever Cemetery hosted the 12th annual Dia de Los Muertos festival. The traditional Mexican holiday honoring dead loved ones gaining on the other American holidays, in terms of popularity. Angelenos and foreign tourists showed up by the thousands to the unique theme-park-like event taking place atop an, of course, actual cemetery.

This year’s headliners included Rubén Albarrán — the notorious singer for famed Mexico City rock en Español band, Café Tacvba — with his newish spiritual slanted side project, Hoppo. Also on the bill was Astrid Hadad, a Mexican performance artist known by millions for her eccentric and progressive sound.

This cemetery party was mad crackin’ yo. There must have been more than three thousand inside, easily. Altars to popular dead artists were set up along…

The Misfits! My review of their latest show on LA Weekly Music

This was the hardest review  I have had to write ever so far!  Never mind the epicness of The Misfits, I had literally flown in from Portland–sleepless–that same morning, had a full evening of school and then chugged a <i>Rogue</i> growler filled with JJ Hazelnut (their Hazelnut Brown Nectar aged for six months in their rum barrels!)

I actually knocked on while writing, overslept and turned in the piece after my 8 AM deadline! But anyways, here you go, enjoy my hard punk rock labor!

The Misfits and The Dickies
House of Blues

More than three decades in, The Misfits are still doing it, with or without Glenn Danzig. To the orthodox practitioner of punk rock, watching these guys play power chords is as big as watching Black Sabbath or Metallica. It’s something you’ll be able to brag about to your faux-hawked children one day.

To celebrate their first new album in ten years, The Devil’s Rain, the horror punk veterans played in Hollywood last night, to a house filled with loyal “fiend” fanatics from all walks of life. They were young and old, with their faces painted and wearing skeleton attire, some supporting Team Danzig, some supporting Team Jerry.

Read the rest of the review on LA Weekly Music!

The Vibrators and Circle One, My Review of Their Show Last Night on LA Weekly Music!

I still can’t believe I am actually “working” punk rock shows! Nonetheless…cheers! Enjoy my review of the epic show last night up on LA Weekly’s Music Blog, West Coast Sound.

By Javier Cabral

The Vibrators and Circle One
The Airliner

Better than: Going to Artwalk!

You know it’s going to be a decent show when the parking lot behind the venue is packed with a bunch of tailgating teenage punks. There were more than twenty cars last night at The Airliner, whose occupants were drinking and doing other things, preparing themselves for The Vibrators.

I sneaked away after a few craft beers myself..

…The UK charm-punk band that hit the top 40 charts in 1977 pleased everybody with their British-accented lyrics. They jumped right into their sing along oldies-but-goodies, like “Pure Mania,” “Whip’s and Furs,” and “Troops of Tomorrow,” mixing in newer stuff of course.

I was a little curious to see how the classic punk band would sound without their original vocalist Knox, since he officially left the band just earlier this year. No one seemed to really care that…

Click on the excerpt to read the rest on the West Coast Sound!

Also, I will try to include a couple of extra bits and bonus info when your read it on my blog. What’s the exclusive tidbit for this post? Hmm….well, The Airliner has an open kitchen that serves gourmet fries all night long! Veggie tempura fries with Wasabi Aioli? Hell yeah!

Ohh yeeah, I discovered that I write best (i.e. don’t over-think, therefore way faster!) when I am a little buzzed. Those craft beers happened to be a sampler 12 pack from Red Hook Brewery, plus I took a little mini shot of some Jager, haha.

Drinking and writing is so much fun!

The Vibrators and Circle One Live at The Airliner Tonight!

For the vintage UK ’77 punk rock lovers out there, The Vibrators are playing tonight at The Airliner in Highland Park!
And for the not so vintage punk rock lovers but California Hardcore lovers of punk, Circle One will be there opening up!

That’s right, the creators of “Baby, Baby, Baby”, the punk rock love anthem basically, are gonna be performing it live tonight. A pretty random match up, right? Sweet nonetheless.

The best part? The Vibrators are breaking the recent trend of punk bands playing at mainstream venues through Ticketmaster, meaning, it is only $10 to get in tonight! Cheers to keeping it punk!

I will be “working” tonight and covering the show for LA Weekly so see you guys there!

Here are a couple of singles from them both.


My First Music Review For LA Weekly Now Up!

Well, I finally made the freelancing leap over to LA Weekly.

This is kind of my be my dream freelancing job that I never thought I could accomplish. Who would of thought? Me? Writing professionally about punk rock? Well, dreams do come true I guess. Ok, it’s not as easy as it sounds…trust! I stayed up until 5 AM working on this sucker for you guys. And well, a show feels different when you are jotting down notes and snapping hundreds of pictures instead of getting drunk and crowd surfing in the pit. But nonetheless, I love every single thing about it and would not change anything about my current position in life. I am ready for anything and I am finally ready for this new responsibility.

Thank you to all my homies who supported me over the years and to the never ending cycles of rebellious youth who never fail to refresh my own pledge to stay punk.

Now, without further adieu, I present to you all my review for The Casualties, JFA and Angry Samoans show last night!

By Javier Cabral

The Casualties, Angry Samoans and JFA
House of Blues

Better Than…staying home and getting ready for the first day of school.

What happens when you bring together the most fundamental old school and new school punk rock bands from both the East and West coast? World-class, rebellious fun! And one of the best venue-hosted punk shows I’ve been to in a while.

The lineup of bands seemed almost too good to be true. But The Casualties are an alternative music force to be reckoned with, often among the first bands a young punk falls in love with. Having them play a show with some of California’s top, integral ’80s hardcore bands was a great idea. This show had actually been sold out a week prior, but that didn’t stop many determined punks from still finding a way to get inside somehow. Everyone seemed to have a soft spot for the New York-born “street punk” band, a style known for its exceptionally fast, loud riffs and raw verbiage.

It’s technically on the LA Weekly music blog, West Coast Sound, so click on this sentence to read the rest of it.


And Now A Public Service for Los Angeles Street Punx: Tonight’s Set List For The Casualties Show!

I know it’s super last minute as all hell and the show is in like three hours but in my attempt to blog more (and facebook/tweet less) here you guys go!

Death Punch 8:00-8:30 PM
JFA 8:45-9:30 PM
Angry Samoans 9:45-10:30 PM
The Casualties 10:50-11:50 PM

Can’t make it out or couldn’t score a precious ticket? Doooon’t eeeeven trip! I got your back, my full review of the show will be up tomorrow morning on LA Weekly

CHEERS and fuck you stay punk!