33rd Annual Planned Parenthood Los Angeles Food Fare 2012 happening this Thursday


Living in East Los Angeles for the later half of my life, I’ve seen a lot of my friends unexpectedly become baby daddies. At the same time, I have also seen a lot of my friends benefit from the free services at Planned Parenthood and not become baby daddies. It sucks that current conservative politicians want to cut funding to the organization because they say that no tax money should go to an organization that “perform abortions.” Although, by law, federal funding can not be allocated for abortions. Planned Parenthood sources its funding for abortions by private donors such as The Justice Fund and The Abortion Fund (as stated on their website).

With this nonsense controversy, such event is an important fundraiser for this organization. Join some of the best restaurants in L.A. support this cause too.

(taken from PPLA Food Fare 2012 press release)

More than 150 of Los Angeles’ best restaurants, caterers, wineries, florists and entertainers will gather at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on Thursday, March 8th for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ (PPLA) renowned annual Food Fare event.

What began in 1979 with a cooking demonstration by Julia Child, has become the oldest and most celebrated
culinary event in Los Angeles. Food Fare 2012 offers guests a rare opportunity to sample the finest food and drink
the city has to offer, all in one place. Some of the participating restaurants include: A.O.C., Ammo, Waterloo and
City, Angelini Osteria, Church and State, Salt’s Cure, Drago Central, Clementine, Public Kitchen and Bar, Tavern, Craft and Lucques as well as some of the city’s most popular Food Trucks, including The Border Grill Truck and The Grilled Cheese Truck. Food Fare is an opportunity for food-lovers, Planned Parenthood supporters and the general public to sample the finest food and drink that L.A. has to offer, all in one place.

Food Fare will also feature a raffle, wine, online and live auction with items ranging from dream vacations to Paris and Telluride to unique entertainment experiences, plus much more.

For the third year, Food Fare is honoring one of its participating chefs as Planned Parenthood’s Chef of the
Year. This year, PPLA is pleased to announce Suzanne Goin, chef and owner of AOC, Lucques and Tavern as
PPLA’s Chef of the Year. “It is truly an honor to be named as Chef of the Year! Planned Parenthood provides an
invaluable service to the people of Los Angeles and I am so proud to once again be part of this wonderful event”, said Suzanne Goin.

In addition to gourmet delectables and unique offerings at Food Fare, fantastic libations participants like The Beer
Chicks’ Beer Garden hosted by Beer Sommeliers Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune, Rosenthal Vineyards and
Summerland Winery will be pouring their latest bottles. VeeV Açai Spirit and Champagne Piper Heidsieck will also
be pouring as the exclusive VIP spirit and champagne sponsors. In addition, Food Fare attendees will find an
astounding array of culinary gifts, home accessories, jewelry, handbags, cashmere wraps, throws, and pillows all for purchase, many of which cannot be found in traditional stores.

In honor of Food Fare 2012, Velvet by Graham and Spencer has created three limited edition tee shirts
(available in women’s, men’s, and kid’s sizes) that feature a custom design utilizing the Planned Parenthood slogan, “Love Carefully,” and will be sold exclusively at the event. “It’s an honor to be part of such an important cause as Planned Parenthood,” said Velvet designers, Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer, “We hope the design we created will bring in much needed support for an organization that helps so many.”

Advanced tickets for Food Fare are $150 for the daytime session (10:30 am to 2:00 pm) and $225 for the evening
session (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm). Tickets are available for sale online at www.pplafoodfare.com or by calling
(213) 284-3316. Tickets can also be purchased at the door, the day of the event for $175 for the daytime session
and $250 for the evening session. For additional information about the event and sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.pplafoodfare.com. Follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/PPLA_FOODFARE or become a fan of the PPLA Food Fare fan page on Facebook.

Food Fare is produced by the Planned Parenthood Guild, a group of 200 women dedicated to providing financial and volunteer support for Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles (PPLA). Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ 18 health
centers provide care to over 120,000 women, men, and teens each year. Over 93% of the care Planned Parenthood
provides is preventative, including life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, annual exams, and STD testing and

Check out my coverage of the event back in 2009 to see what’s up!

I know the price for this food event is kinda high but if you could spare the cash and have time then come down. I you can’t make it, feel free to donate to them here.

Tonight! Josh’s much awaited East Los Angeles Reunion Gig! And yes, my old band “Bad Influence” is playing too

Sorry for weird ass dimensions of this pic, click for better view!

Ahh! The music writer has become the written about, haha. Well, isn’t this a hell of a way to bust out of this month long writing hiatus (more on that to be covered on next post but in a nutshell…SCHOOL!)

Believe it or not, the East L.A. alternative post-punk rock community is a pretty close knit bunch. Poffy and David Loks of Fotogrofia Desmadrosa will be there documenting this whole urban shindig so make sure to smile and flash those guys. Poffy will also be selling his handmade jewelery “Shit by Poffy.” Word on the facebook street is that there will also be vegan avocado tostadas for sale!

Yup, the good ol’ golden era of punk rock in East Los Angeles is to be relived tonight at Josh’s pad, one of the few legendary “raid-proof” backyard venues ever. In the true spirit of punk rock, I have no idea what time my band will go on, also, I haven’t bought a new guitar yet so any temporary donors are welcome (hoping on my little cousin’s Squire). I’ll buy you a beer! I’ve shunned my band mates these last two weeks so don’t expect too much synchronization between us, haha.

That is all for now, cheers, more beers and fuck you stay punk.

The Glutster Burger Featured as Best “Fusion” Burger in Los Angeles Magazine!

best ethnic inflenced burger
Not a bad way to be welcomed back to your hometown, right?

Home, sweet home…kinda. Ok, so I left my heart in el rancho, drenched in freshly-extracted pulque along side thick, homemade tortillas. But until I man up and realize my subconscious dreams of moving to el rancho myself. Me tengare que aguantar! (I’ll bite my maseca-based tortilla tainted lips!)

In other news, I broke my five day internet fast to find out that the burger that has been cursed with my title actually won “best fusion burger” on LA Magazine!

Our favorite ethnic-influenced variation is The Glutster burger at Biergarten in Koreatown. Cocreated by blogger Javier Cabral (aka the Glutster), the all-pork slab is joined by guac, pickled onions, epazote aioli, chipotle black beans and fried green tomato slice on a King’s Hawaiian sweet roll.”

Yees! Pretty awesome right?

But none of this would had been possible without the excellent burger’ing skills of Eddie Hah, so a huge thank you to him!

Eddie and his Chosun One
Eddie Hah: The Burger Maniac

Now, to go celebrate by eating one, or two with a beer or five.

the glutster money shot
The Glutster Burger

The magazine is out now so go out and buy one! Or else, just wait until the internet version is available on the Los Angeles Magazine website


East L.A Meets Napa This Friday! Carnitas and Cabernet!

Damn, this year went by pretty fast, huh?

Well, its that time of year again for everyone’s favorite food and wine event! The 6th annual East L.A Meets Napa celebration is happening this Friday evening at Union Station! From 6-9 PM, get drunk and full as f*** for a good cause!

its not always 40 oz.
It’s Not Always 40 oz!

And I’m not just using “everyone’s favorite” as a generic term foo. For some reason, everyone–Eastsiders and Westsiders alike–tend to dub this event as their “favorite” every time they they meet me. Compared to the rest of these traditionally stuffy, snobby food and wine events I guess? It must be out latin passion eyy! haha.

No but seriously, this event is pretty fun. It wrangles together most of the cities current top Mexican restaurants and some pretty top-notch latino-owned wineries. Also, its pretty funny to see all the powerful brown politicos dancing salsa and grown up hoochie-mama’s taqueando and getting all barras! Support the cause ese!

un taco de cevichazo y nopalitos
Ceviche and Nopales From Last Years Offerings

cacaos taquiza assortment
A Taquiza Plate from Cacao Mexicatessen (taken last year)

I’ve been covering this pachanga for the past three years and trust me, this shit cracks!
Check out my past coverage.

East L.A Meets Napa (2009)

East L.A Meets Napa (2010)

Here is the info, I know the ticket is a little pricey but its worth it! I promise. C’mon its for a good cause!

(taken from the email they sent to me)

Carnitas and Cabernet Converge as East LA Meets Napa Celebrates

the Cuisine of Michoacán

What: AltaMed’s Sixth Annual East LA Meets Napa celebration returns to Union Station to pay tribute to the regional cuisine of Michoacán – considered by some to be Mexico’s soul food. The event will feature the diversity of Los Angeles’ Latin cuisine and fine wine from Latino-owned or -operated Napa Valley wineries. A total of 60 wine and food pairing stations will feature the best wine and food Southern and Northern California has to offer.

East LA Meets Napa showcases the contributions of Latinos to California’s multi-billion dollar food and wine industry. The event provides culinary enthusiasts with the opportunity to support AltaMed’s mission – increasing access to quality and culturally relevant health and human services to underserved communities in Southern California. AltaMed provides quality care without exception.

When: Friday, July 8, 2011

6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Where: Union Station

800 N. Alameda St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Who: Cástulo De La Rocha, President and CEO of AltaMed

Wine Industry Representatives from Napa Valley and

Latino Winery and Restaurant Owners

Music by Jose Rizo’s Mongorama

Visuals: 1,400 guests enjoying fine wine, fantastic Latin food, and dancing to live music amidst the backdrop of historic Union Station.


Finally Amongst My Own Kind! My First Group Scooter Ride and an Ode to My Bajaj (San Gabriel Valley Vintage: Pasadena)

Ok, so this post isn’t either food, alcohol or music related but its just as cooool!

So as many of you know, I chose the two-wheeled way of life instead of the conventional safety cage when I graduated High School. Just like pretty much every other aspect of my life, I decided to go counter-culture in my way of transportation too! Haha. Yup, no used, 90’s Honda for me! Instead, my heart fell in love with the scooter way of life. I bought my baby back in 08′, a pitch-black 06 Bajaj Chetak, off a craigslist and that was it, scooters and motorcycles it would be for the rest of my life!


Maybe it was my endless fascination with motocross growing up or maybe it was the U.K mod influence listening to British Punk Rock, whatever it was…I’ve just always wanted a motor bike of any kind. So, when push came to throttle and it was time for my dad to HELP me pay for a vehicle (I worked hard for it and paid most of it myself man!) I went for the Bajaj baby!

my baby back from the shop
my baby
my baby's behind

Bajaj isn’t technically a “Vespa” but it looks a lot like a P-Series one and much of the same parts are used and its still vintage-scooter-clutch style, so, it still gets some respect from the sometimes-snooty vintage scooter crowd. Bajaj is an Indian, 4-stroke scooter (no pre-mixing gas and oil for me thank you very much!) and its built like a freaking tank! Not to mention it requires very little maintenance, which is highly ideal for one, extremely busy and lazy me!

Of course my parents warmed me about the consequences of riding beforehand: “Y que cuando llueve?” (How about when it rains?) Or even the motorcyclist essential…”te vas a matar menso!” (you are going to kill yourself!) But if you are of the two-wheeled way of life, people and parents can try to stop you all they want but it won’t mean anything after you go on your first ride…

Anyways, this last weekend I partook in my first “group ride” through the San Gabriel Valley Vintage Scooter Club . The ride was themed “Here comes the summer!” and it was one of the best experiences in my life. They get together and ride on the first Sunday of every other month – meet at 11, ride at noon. My hardcore hangover didn’t stand a chance against the combined positive energy formed by a bunch of loud, two-stroke beautiful scooters. We met at Lucky Baldwin’s in Pasadena and rode to the Rose Bowl, down Colorado…all thirty of us!

hang a left
fill her up
looking back
the last resort shirt wearing guy
I like your red vespa
scooters invade suburbia
posted on his lambaretta
photo opp!

By the end of the day, I realized I rode over 100 miles as I also use my scooter as my car, not just for leisure! My skin was left extra crispy by the sun and my left wrist hurt after holding the clutch all day. But I finally felt amongst my own kind. People that decide to ride a scooter in their life are unique individuals, in a geeky way but also a passionate way. Not really accepted by the majority of riders out there (Harley’s and Pocket Rockets) so to be amongst so many other like-minded people felt goooood.

There is a new awesome scooter exhibition and ride going on next weekend at the Petersen Auto Museum called “Scooters: Size Doesn’t Always Matter” on Wilshire and Fairfax. So check that out if you guys want to find out more about this powerful two-wheel phenomena.

Even if my bike wasn’t technically “vintage” or a Vespa, I didn’t really care. Like my very good friend from East LA Carlos “Pee-Wee” Escamilla–the only other guy amongst my group of friends who decided to buy a motorbike too (a sweet 250 Ninja) said, “It doesn’t really matter what you ride man….as long as you ride”

Me on My Bike the Very First Day I Bought It

Tonight! My O.G-Eastside Graffiti Older Brother Featured in “No Biters Allowed” at Crewest Gallery


So apparently, alternative forms of artistry runs in my family. My older brother, Rojelio Cabral, will have some of his work featured in tonight’s show called “No Biter’s Allowed” at Crewest Gallery. My brother is credited with being one of the first writers to hit up in the “heavens” back in 1985, that is, the freeway overpasses along San Gabriel Valley and all of Eastern Los Angeles. He is the founding member of FB and one of the founding members of UTI.

He also pretty much shaped who I am now, basically being the raw benefactor responsible for my blog through out the early years (2006-2008).

His work exhibited tonight was directly inspired by the late Chicago 80’s Hardcore band “Life Sentence” and the angst of growing up between the graffiti and punk-rock worlds during that influential phase of Los Angeles graffiti.

“Its not in retaliation to MOCA’s current graffiti show but it is a comment on it” he tells me over a dinner of my mom’s rice and lentejas last night.


So come down tonight if you can and support another Cabral boy who has made a difference in L.A!

PS. The pho at Blossom restaurant down the street are is actually not that bad and the wine list at Pete’s Cafe (a block away) is even better!

You’ve Read My Cover Story, Ate My Burger & Now The Glutster…Remix!


Just in time for Friiiidayyy! I now present to you The Glutster…the official remix!

I happened to have a bad-ass, up-and-coming-DJ for a nephew Alex Arevalos (aka DJ Perro! available for parties btw!), so something like this was pretty much imminent.

He DJ’d my epic 21st birthday party last year, yes, the one where I drank more than eight beers and busted my head open! I lived with the guy for the last half of my High School at “Gay-hambra” High School. He was right there next to me when my foodblog was first born and of course my punk-rock ways rubbed off on him.

The samples used in the beginning of the song are mostly of my old high school punk-band “Bad Influence”, although we only released a five song demo L.P! haha. As well as a couple of my teenage angst classics, Black Flag’s “I’ve got a gun on my back”, The Adicts “Who Split My Beer” and of course, Vicente Fernandez’s “Volver”.

I’m usually a purist at heart, but In true remix style, there was a bunch of mandatory gay techno thrown in as filler between transitions. But its ok, I trust my nephew…he knows what he’s doing. Also, it reminds me when dance parties came around and eliminated the quintessential backyard East L.A punk-rock gig.

So download it now! And bump it in your next post-punk party! Stay tuned for Vol. II! (hopefully!)

dj h1n1 spinning puro pinche punk
My Nephew DJ Peroo Spinning Puro Pinche Punk!