I Need A Computer!!!

I’m tired of this!

I could of written about so many things and places already. Like my Delicious Dumpling Dive at Mei Long Village In San Gabriel that we had last week because my stomach was still in recovery from some old, old tofutti “Cheese” Blintz that i SHOULDN”T of ate. Let’s see, what else…oh yeah or me finally experiencing the “Cuban Porn” garlicky goodness chicken of Versailles that i could still taste to this day. I try to write down on paper but for some reason, it’s just not the same and you can’t remember every little taste and detail about something 15 or 20 meals later. For my writing’ssake, i need a computer!!!

Alot Harder Than It Looks: My First Concocted Dinner (my second attempt on writing about it!)

Ok, ok…it wasn’t all me(thanx Karen).

Many restaurants ago, my brother’s friend Karen noticed my infatuation with food and proposed that we get together one day and make our own dinner for a change. After months and months of lagging, i finally decided that we actually do it.

We had decided on Almond Crusted Salmon with a Lemon Leek Sauce but i needed something else…some starch…some vegetables and C’mon…I wasn’t going to settle for your usual potato and canned vegetables! I needed something…exotic, something i could’nt make by myself in my sister’s annal kitchen.

No time for anything!

This week has been so fucken hectic, too much work and responsibility!. So much shit has happened to me lately (stupid supposed “dogging” fights at school, drama) It’s so different here in Alhambra than back at Garfield. It’s so fucken hard!. I haven’t had enough time for anything, just school, eat and practice, school, eat and practice. The only plus is probably that because of practice being right after school, i have been forced, yes forced to have a late lunner (lunch and dinner) right before i go. And I’ve actually been taking pictures too!. Really expensive specially requested sandwiches at Lovebird’s or Baguette Du JourI’m such a fucken weirdo, spending all my money and going by myself to go eat at these places. And even ditching 6th period (RELAX Roy, it wasn’t really important anyway) hopefully I’ll get to tell you why pretty soon. It’s not like anyone else cares, since I’m pretty sure no one except for my brother and quite possibly one or two other individuals that accidentally went on it have seen this stupid piece of shit. Why do i even continue this stupid blog?

Oh yeah, it’s my way of “venting”, i guess…

Am I Normal?

It was afterschool, Thursday, and i was starving.

At home i knew there were only your usual “leftovers” that were usually some enriched day old rice and some sort of dry chicken. When other teenagers would have settled for that, I remembered that i had some frozen tofu veggie patty that i bought from my savior, Trader Joes and since i had to go to practice, knew i could do something quick with that. As soon as i knew it, i found myself going to the market and buying some Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns and an Avocado to see what i could come up with when i got home. But that was not enough, i needed something else, some sort of starch to fill me up but i had been eating pretty shitty lately so knew that it wasn’t going to be your traditional french fries. I pondered for a while, then i thought…about some “vegetable chips” that would do the job but without the heavyness. So i went to 7-11 where they surprisingly sell them and bought a bag. Of course i could not wait and had some on the way over.

On the way overthere, i was thinking of what i was going to do first and how i was going to do it. When i finally got home i took my backpack off, washed my hands and turned on the stove.

I layed the patty on the pan and attempted to remember the recipe for thousand island dressing that i once did from the The Joy Of Cooking. But with my suffering memory, i opted for some vegenaise, a little bit of mayonaise, some diced red onions, lemon juice and ketchup. Hey, i was starving so i didn’t care.

But i needed more! so i sauteed a couple of onions until caramalized and a couple of sliced mushrooms. And voila! i give you Spexy’s VeggieMuensterburger with homemade Thousand Island Dressing, Caramalized Onion and Mushrooms, Romaine Lettuce and Avocado on Whole Wheat Buns

Disgusting? Maybe for you. But for me? …Heavenly.
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Blue Marlin

Aww…Sawtelle, where the hipsters come out and play. Colorful, young “cool” people killing time sipping their bobba and conversing about the latest whatever. This place has certainly been given a lot of attention lately. The restaurants leading the Japanese revolution, fusing it with such techniques as complex as French or as comforting as Italian.

I still dream about Orris, blending Japanese and Italian. So i thought i would try another place around there, Blue Marlin.

Italian and Japanese? Under one roof? Wow right?…Wrong.
I really had high hopes for this place, but too bad they will remain as just that.

I hate it when i am the one that suggests somewhere to go and it turns out to be crap, it makes me feel it’s all my fault and makes me feel bad. When i first walked in, i thought for sure it was going to be good, having that abating aroma that we all know and love of garlic & olive oil.

Being the carbaholic that i am, i find it really pleasing when any restaurant brings fresh complimentary bread before any meal, it keeps me from going ravenous and makes me savor every bite of the main course even more. But for some reason the waitress did not bring any to our table. At first i did not notice, but then i saw that everyone else was enjoying them, everyone except us.

Looking at the meny, they had a bountiful amount of both Japanese and Italian plates. Me and my brother decided on the most interesting sounding plates in the menu. Our entrees came with a small salad and a bowl of soup. The salad was pretty good, although the fluorescent soy/citrusy orange dressing did need some getting used to, i managed to like it. The bowl of “soup” was just a bowl of Miso Soup, which i don’t like so passed it along to my dad. Savoring the people next to us as they gorged their bread, i hoped the entree would be worth it.

After a couple of minutes, my Sauteed Jidori Chicken and Organic Vegetable-Salty finally arrived. Although they were extremely generous with an abundance of vegetables and a whole oval plate stacked with white rice, The chicken was overly dry, i mean i had to drown it in Ponzu sauce in order to make it somewhat acceptable. The selection of vegetables were nice though; broccoli, cauliflower and the root end of a carrot? Oh well, i didn’t really care about that but did mind that on both my brother’s dish of Stuffed Pork Cutlet with Demi-Glace Sauce and my dad’s Vegetable Tomato Risotto there a slice of what seemed to be some sort of fried squash that was really good. Why am i always the victim of unlikely odd’s such as these? The Stuffed Pork Cutlet was probably the best dish of the night(again my brother’s). Very moist and not greasy oozing with Demi-Glace Sauce and Mushrooms It came with a little shredded cabbage salad and a scoop of potato salad that none of our plates had. I wonder why? I also noticed that they used the same type of rice that they used for the white rice in the Tomato Vegetable Risotto. This was very similar to mexican fried rice but with enough garlic to feel it the next day.

After this, i was really looking forward to the oddly interestingChocolate Caramel Pyramid with Vanilla Ice Cream that I’ve had my eye on it ever since we walked in, But of course, they were all out. So we settled with a typical Chocolate Souffle that was nothing out of the ordinary. I was going to take pictures, but didn’t feel it was worth the walk to the car and get it. Maybe it’s just me but oh well.

Blue Marlin
2121 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Blue Marlin in Los Angeles