La Cuevita in Highland Park: A Tequila & Mezcal Bar for the rest of us

la cuevita signage

The ghetto hipsters of Highland Park have a new place to get shitfaced. La Cuevita opens up Friday night (May 4th) and it is just what this lovely city needs: An agave-spirit centered bar where we don’t have to spend a week’s budget. The Glutster was invited for an early tasting this last Tuesday and this is what that fucker drank.

La Cuevita bar
The bar, all new and shiny.


la cuevita  cocktail
La Cuevita cocktail


Fidencio Mezcal


Mezcalada at La Cuevita
La Mezcalada

Mole Manhattan
Mole Manhattan


la cuevita drink menu
Cocktail Menu


Mezcal Los Nahuales at La Cuevita
Mezcal Los Nahuales


La Cuevita Tequila Menu
Tequila and Mezcal List (for now)

“We want this place to be more of a sipping establishment” Jared Mort, the 1933 Group’s bartender that was called into action for La Cuevita tells me as I am the first and only of the night to ask for the pure Tequila and Mezcal menu. And by the looks of the prices for the agave libations, it looks like they actually mean it. There are only a a couple that break the $15 mark and the rest are all ready for working class enjoyment. The cocktails are still in the works, the Mezcalada sounds better than it actually is with only a 1/2 ounce of Mezcal used and probably even less of the roasted poblano tomato cocktail used to flavor it (think of a watery beer-y Mary). But then again, it’s only $8 and there are free AYCE tacos to make up for it if you are there on a Tuesday night.

But if you must cloak your poison with a bunch of sweet syrups and flavors, go for the Mole Manhattan. A bit sweet but still bitter and fully brute with cacao flavored booze.

The ambiance is definitely better than the old Gothic-y Little Cave days. They opened up all the windows and the image of Emiliano Zapata will gaze deep into your eyes as you imbibe Mexican history. Just hope that the live agave crops hanging off the patio walls as you walk in won’t fall on you.

la cuevita art
agave wall


La Cuevita gets bonus point for playing a steady flow of Ramon Ayala and other corridos through out the night though.

La Cuevita

5922 North Figueroa St,

Highland Park.



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