Mexican Snack Foods – My latest for Saveur Magazine is out now! (The Mexico Issue: August 2012. Issue #149)

Saveur’s “The Mexico Issue” is here and guess who has a featured story on it? Yup, I’m sharing them glossy ‘ol food pages with Gustavo Arellano, Rick Bayless, Patricia Quintana, Diana Kennedy, etc.

This time, I write about Mexican snack food culture and how each and every candy, chip and caramel “is rooted in the spicy, sour, salty, and sweet flavors of the country’s cuisine.” Whether it’s in interbred history of those crunchy Cacahuates Japoneses or the ultra-tary flavor of a Limon 7 powder candy packet — they’re all here. Obleas, Cocadas, tamarind-paste-baed Pulparindos, all that glorious stuff.

So, go to your local newsstand now, whatever that means. Or just click on this link and read the whole thing online. But no matter what, make sure you have a corner liquor store or Mexican grocery market nearby!

Thanks to my girlfriend that was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (who also has an awesome foodblog linking food with ethnography) for being my insider source.

*Header photo by Todd Coleman of Saveur

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