Puro Pinche Private Pacifico Record-Pressing Pari at Capsule Labs: Que Viva Underground Organic Marketing!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a private Pacifico Party at Capsule Labs, one of the last remaining record studio’s in L.A. Little did they know that Pacifico has become my personal “bud light” of beers. What does that mean? Well, for those of you who don’t have an alcoholic uncle or brother in law, that basically means that its become my “everyday” kind of beer. Why? Because its pretty cheap, easily available and doesn’t fill you up! (so you can drink a shit-ton and feel A-OK!)

pacifico on tap!
Pacifico Fresh Off the Cool Keg Box Thing!

Anyways, I hesitated to attend at first because I had my Chicano Psychology class final that same freaking evening (of course!). But, eventually realized I could use the event as incentive to study my ass off and go reward myself after with the refreshing brew. So after tearing my final exam’s ass a new one, I jumped on the 110 south and meandered my way to the industrial part behind Griffith Park. It was time for Puro Pinche Pacifico Pari!

pacifico pinata
A Pacifico Piñata

I called on the home food writer Garrett Snyder (Los Angelicious Times), a fellow member of #YoungMoneyFoodies to be my wingman for the night so I knew fun times was a’ comin’! It was cool to meet Jason of Beers in Paradise beerblog and run into my old Mexican Food coach Bill Esparza of StreetGourmetLA, it had been a while and we all bonded over beer.

I’ve heard rumors of the legendary taste of this beer off tap but honestly, like Bill said. I actually think I prefer the beer off a frosty freshly-popped bottle. I dunno, maybe the keg was a little too warm but the beer tasted heavier and not as refreshing off tap for some reason, nonetheless I still drank four cups happily!

Although live music was touted on the invitation and there was equipment set up on the stage, I didn’t really see any band play. But then again, I left at around 11 pm because I got the beer munchiezzzz. But I did get to see some records being pressed right in front of my eyes!

vinyl pressing live!
Vinyl Pressing Lie: Woooooooooow

I collect international punk-rock vinyl myself thank to my older bro’s six milk-crates of the stuff left behind at our house, so, I was pretty starstruck. I didn’t inquire which band or artist exactly was being pressed but I didn’t really care, seeing a record be made was like seeing magic performed in front of my very eyes.

As I scampered off back home, I felt good knowing that Pacifico took a less mainstream response to Victoria’s million dollar advertising onslaught they took on upon deciding it to finally import it to the states. Who would of thought? My favorite everyday beer is punk-rock too!

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4 thoughts on “Puro Pinche Private Pacifico Record-Pressing Pari at Capsule Labs: Que Viva Underground Organic Marketing!”

  1. Hey – I just wanted to let you know that I made the recipe for Asado de Bodas from your Saveur article – it was super good! I never had anything like that in any restaurant before, and I’m super glad I made it – it went into my recipe box. So… Thanks! and, if you know of any restaurant in the LA area where I could try it out to see how other people make it, I’d appreciate the tip. Thanks again, and nice blog! 🙂

    1. Jeanie; awh…thank you so much! You are the first recipe testimonial I get. I am glad the recipe worked out, I really worked hard on all of them! haha. Anyways, there is one place in East LA. But, can I write your question as a blog post? hehe.

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