Extra, extra! The Glutster gets his first food-caused allergic reaction! Is this the end?!

Is this the end the Glutster as we know it?!

Hell no!

But, let me tell you that it did, indeed, suck–very much so. I actually had to go the E.R. (AGAIN) and wolf down fourteen chalky Prednosine (aka STEROIDS) tablets to control my unbearably itchy, spazzed out skin. And even after that, it took my body three weeks to get better. To make matters even more grim, I accidentally spilled hot pu-erh tea on my keyboard and was forced to use my older brother’s old school PC he uses to play Casino all day long.

And of all possible things in this world, can anyone guess what caused it?!

“Funny beer.”

Well, according to the doctor at the E.R. and his half-assed diagnosis.

I knoooow, right? Nooooooo! Well, it could of been a number of things but let’s just say that I got a little too crazy during that last Friday night of LA Beer Week.

I won’t lie and will admit that I did get a little scared at first and think of the worst.

“What if I can’t drink any more?”

“Fuck! Am I allergic to wheat?”

“Maaaaan, am I going to have to start writing about actual news now? Or worse, write about stuff not having to do with food or music?!”


I decided to take the matter into my own hands and administer a a little self-proctored D.I.Y. allergen test as soon as I was able to go out and buy beer again. I bought several varieties of “funny beer” and drank them all. I probably didn’t have to drink the entire bottles but I did, just to make sure you know?

And the results are in! My body is 100% beer-tolerant! Must of been something in the air or something as I rode home that on my scooter or something else I ate, the world may never know.


Cheers! To no more career-questioning hellacious allergy reactions!

MAN VS. BEER Tonight At Far Bar. 20 Japanese Craft Beers for $25. 7 PM. Augustfest!

This just in via the Chuy-Wire…Puro Pinche Pari!

Far Bar in Little Tokyo is hosting the last night of MAN VS. BEER. In celebration of their exclusive “Augustfest” celebration they will offer the chance to taste 20 different, unique Japanese craft beers for $25. Here is the the scoop directly from the website.

As part of the Augustfest celebration, every Thursday come to FAR BAR Lounge and get the opportunity to taste 20 differently unique Japanese craft style beers for only $25. There will be music, Japanese horror and Samurai Movies and free popcorn! Challenge yourself and if you can finish, get your photo on the “WALL OF FAME”. Come early as the fun begins from 7pm-midnight. Only at the FAR BAR Lounge!


Pues, hay que aprovechar! Not sure if this is true or not but I heard that the portions will be allotted to five oz. of each beer. Let’s see x20, that is, hmm, hold on, carry over the one….100 pinche oz. of thick, high Alcohol luxurious Japanese craft beer!

This probably isn’t a good idea, I am the spitting image of a latino-fangled Gumby at 6’3 feet tall and like 135 lbs. But fuuuuuuuuuuck it, one last hurrah before I go back to 13 units of hardcore schoolage next week.

In the words of my beloved East L.A homies, “You’re not doooooown! Ahhh, gonna be a little biiiiiitch or what?”

Haha. I’ll see you guys there at 7 PM sharp, and wish me luck.

Cheers and more beers!