Thanksgiving, Cabral style: The story of my mom’s turkey on Saveur’s Thanksgiving issue

Photo Credit: Todd Coleman

Between taking Stat 50. and English 1C classes, moving out for the first time, getting involved in a stupid amount of multiple new (paid!) projects and my blog getting viciously infected with Malware, my blogging has suffered severely – almost beyond repair.

But, I refuse to give up! After all, if it wasn’t for this little blog, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. Thus, I will now reveal that after many hours of lost sleep, this blog is finally getting a revamp! A whole new makeover. Estimated to be unveiled January 1st 2013! Of course, more regular writing is will come with that!

For now, I will leave you with this. It is the story of my mom and my family’s Thanksgiving Zacatecano-American turkey tradition – on this month’s Thanksgiving issue of Saveur!


It’s pretty crazy, growing up I always knew her turkey was something special, rubbed with a spiced chile rojo paste and then served with chile’d turkey drippings. I always felt the pressure of recording her recipe for future generations, leave it to a national food magazine to get me to stop procrastinating and finally do it.

Cabral Turkey

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Cabral style: The story of my mom’s turkey on Saveur’s Thanksgiving issue”

  1. Hi Elenamary,

    Thanks for commenting! Hmm, she was happy about it, as always! But I don’t think she really knows what me writing a national story on her means, haha. I translated to spanish and read the story aloud and everything.

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