The Taste, A Lazy Recap. Hey, Better Late Than Never!

I’ve been freelancing a hell of a lot more recently. Also, I started going to full time school again. This combination has almost killed off my blogging time (not to mention go a little crazy) completely. Hence, to write about events like these is almost a guilty pleasure for me. Blogging is pure joy, truly unruly, the equivalent of watching TV for the modern day budding writer perhaps even. Hell, I should be making a much-needed dent on my 1,300 word story due Sunday! But naaaaah, I’ll just blog tonight and deal with the 1,300 word monster tomorrow morning.

(note: this last paragraph has made me realize that writing is more important to me than school, thus, I have decided to drop my Geography class and lessening load for more writing time , thank you!)

That being said, I will now present a recap of this last weekends food event Festivities! Hey, better late than never!

This was my first time getting invited to cover The Taste. I lagged it until super last minute to fill out the press credential forms, but I finally got the A-OK and decided to go on the first “Burgers and Beer” day of the festivities. I never really realized how major this food event was! At more than six different tasting events through out the three day weekend, it’s definitely the biggest in the city. It probably helps that is it is put together by LA Times.

sambal burger
the spice table
Sambal Burger by The Spice Table

sour grapes
The sour beer…not The Descendents song!

The Misfit Burger
Again, the burger…not the band! haha.


truffle burger
truffle signage

Victoria Beer


As you can imagine, It turned out to be quite the buzzin’ evening. I remember smacking Roy Choy’s ass in drunken camaraderie and being shoulder to shoulder to celebrities like Giada De Laurentiis and Kathy Griffin. Nonetheless, there was still another adjoining Taste event happening this same evening that needed to get some “coverage” too, so off we went!

That night’s food event-crawl was made possible by the other “young money” foodblogger, the blood brother Garrett Snyder of Los Angelicious Times. Thanks for driving homie!

We got to the “Art of Mixing” event a little after 9 PM, just before it started to crack with long lines. In other words, just in time to sample almost every drink back to back to back to back to back to back etc.

luxardo liquors



At some point in the night, I remember seeing Julian Cox, John Sedlar and Ricardo Zarate doing a cooking demo or something. Oh yeah, I think I remember dancing to Mariachi “El Bronx” too! Ahh…good ‘ol liquid courage! Oh yeah, also good seeing fellow chicana and East LA foodblogger Nicole Presley of Presley’s Pantry!

Julian gawking

By the end of the night I was pretty freaking plastered off all the booze I drank. So much so that I woke up the next morning not knowing where the hell my camera was or what the hell happened the night before. Oh yeah, I managed to loose both of my press passes somehow too. Ahh….good times, good times!

So, of course, Luckily I had left it in Garret’s car but still…I didn’t have my camera for the event I was actually looking forward to the most, Taco Tequila Tryst. Damnit! I’m gonna have to actually food-write now and not just post photos with funny captions anymore! Well yeah man, them tacos were pretty “delicious.” KIDDING, kidding. Hmm….believe it or not, the best thing my guest and I ate was probably a freshly grilled kalbi taco from Kogi. Other phenomenal stand outs included some smuggled Marlin tacos by Mariscos Chente and some tender tacos de Birria (Estilo Zacatecas woot! woot!) from Birrieria “Flor Del Rio”. Thanks to Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet LA for giving “propers” to some real tacos amidst the barrage of other more flashy, gourmet tacos.

Not to say that the “Pho Tacos” from Xoia weren’t good though. Or even the braised duck or cod tacos from Yamashiro’s…mmmmmm.

Sunday evening’s “Street Eats” component was pretty bad ass too.

panucho de pavo at the taste
A Turkey Panucho from Chichen Itza

A Pair of Burgers (Vegan and Beef) from The Green Truck

Armenian Spiced Flatbread with Lamb from Palate Food + Wine

And of course, like my homie and mentor Chuy Tovar would say…some Tequilita para el despanse! haha.

Hornitos Paloma

Well, there you go. The verdict? Pretty sweet! Well, if I had a disposable income I would love to come to this! Hell, if I had any kind of income I would come to this. In particular the taco one, to see both world’s–eastside and westside, gourmet and authentic–restaurants come together under the almighty tortilla is reason enough.

Until next year, cheers!

Here is a cool video that you can also check out to see what you missed out on from my friends over at LA Sates!

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