The Vibrators and Circle One, My Review of Their Show Last Night on LA Weekly Music!

I still can’t believe I am actually “working” punk rock shows! Nonetheless…cheers! Enjoy my review of the epic show last night up on LA Weekly’s Music Blog, West Coast Sound.

By Javier Cabral

The Vibrators and Circle One
The Airliner

Better than: Going to Artwalk!

You know it’s going to be a decent show when the parking lot behind the venue is packed with a bunch of tailgating teenage punks. There were more than twenty cars last night at The Airliner, whose occupants were drinking and doing other things, preparing themselves for The Vibrators.

I sneaked away after a few craft beers myself..

…The UK charm-punk band that hit the top 40 charts in 1977 pleased everybody with their British-accented lyrics. They jumped right into their sing along oldies-but-goodies, like “Pure Mania,” “Whip’s and Furs,” and “Troops of Tomorrow,” mixing in newer stuff of course.

I was a little curious to see how the classic punk band would sound without their original vocalist Knox, since he officially left the band just earlier this year. No one seemed to really care that…

Click on the excerpt to read the rest on the West Coast Sound!

Also, I will try to include a couple of extra bits and bonus info when your read it on my blog. What’s the exclusive tidbit for this post? Hmm….well, The Airliner has an open kitchen that serves gourmet fries all night long! Veggie tempura fries with Wasabi Aioli? Hell yeah!

Ohh yeeah, I discovered that I write best (i.e. don’t over-think, therefore way faster!) when I am a little buzzed. Those craft beers happened to be a sampler 12 pack from Red Hook Brewery, plus I took a little mini shot of some Jager, haha.

Drinking and writing is so much fun!

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