Trip Out, The Glutster on “The State of L.A.’s Plate” November 18th – 7 p.m. – Petersen Auto Museum

Photo courtesy of Zocalo Public Square
Photo courtesy of Zocalo Public Square

I don’t know why, but the kinds folks over at Zocalo Public Square have asked me to be on a panel discussing “The State of L.A.’s Plate” coming up on  November 18th, at the Petersen Auto Museum. It will be moderated by Evan Kleiman and will also feature editor Barbara Fairchild and Alex Ortega, an epidemiologist.

Anyways, it’s free and it should a be VERY interesting experience. Here is the link to reserve your tickets. Like every other Zocalo panel, I’m sure it’ll fill up fast, so get reserve your seats as soon as you can. Come out and support if you’re down.

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